Starting Over…again

I’ve been thinking about what I want the next chapter in my life to look like. I’m learning to let go of past versions of my self as I ‘upgrade’ into the new me. This has led to saying good-bye to things that were once very important to me, ideas of the type of work I wanted to do, the environment I wanted to live in, even the way that I view my health and fitness. I’m exploring all areas of my life. It’s exciting, fun, and sometimes a little scary sometimes. But I’m up for the challenge. And looking forward to see the person that I am becoming in this next part of my life. 

This is all in way of saying I don’t know what this blog is going to evolve into in the months to come, but one of my personal goals is to begin sharing aspects of my journey here with whoever is interested in coming along for the road trip. Arts and crafts, health and fitness, parenting, domestic arts, or something else entirely- it’s up for grabs at this point! A hodge podge of posts is the only guarantee at this point! 

Buckle up…here we goooooooooooooo….

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Day 20 Summer Heaven 2011

Holy guacamole, I sure am lagging on my posts so far this summer- just having too much fun to get much else done! Here we are, Day 20 already. Today was an incredibly BUSY day for us so this post is going to be VERY picture heavy- you’ve been warned!

Sophia and I started the day by very carefully putting our Painted Lady chrysalises into our butterfly pavilion. Sophia was really excited about this. We got the caterpillars about 10 days ago and yesterday they crawled to the top of the container and within a couple of hours had turned into chrysalises. So awesome to watch this process! Now I am crossing my fingers that they are alright because, while being careful, I accidentally dropped the paper holding the chrysalises onto the counter 😦 As far as I know there is no way to tell if they were harmed or not. Prince Frog Hubby seems to think that they will be fine, his reasoning is that they are meant to be protected while in nature with strong winds and predators…let’s hope he’s right…please cross your fingers and send us some metamorphosis good vibes! In the meantime I need to find some milkweed or thistle to put in the pavilion- we are hoping to encourage them to lay eggs so that we can start all over again!

Whew- that was just the first few minutes of the day!

Next our friend Sarah came over with her two super awesome kids- Bailey and Megan. Let the fun begin! Wanting to share a little Summer Heaven with them , we decided to do our daily craft while they were here- GIGANTIC BUBBLE WANDS. I saw this in the May 2011 issue of Family Fun magazine and knew we HAD to do this one. Easy peasy- dowel rods, yarn, glue…perfect for the kids, ages 3-6, to do by themselves, right?

There’s Sarah happily wrapping one of the dowels…but where are the kids, this is THEIR project???

Oh there they are…and here I was thinking they weren’t going to finish the Gigantic Bubble Wands on their own! As you can see, they are working very hard on them 😉

After continuous episodes of glueing yarn to ourselves while trying to get some to stick to the dowel Sarah and I were finally finished. LUNCH TIME! (Hey, crafting makes a girl ravenous!) Mmmmm….pizza!

Okay, enough dilly dallying- wands are dry, rain has stopped- it’s test time. Let’s go make some BUBBLES.

*and the crowd goes WILD*

Gigantic Bubble Wands- didn’t they do a great job making these themselves?! 🙂

Bailey showing us how it’s done!

WOW, do you see the SIZE of that bubble to the right of the picture? That is GIGANTIC!!! It was the only one that was made with these and only lasted a second before it popped- lucky pix!!! Awesome!

Go Megan!!!

After just a couple of tries the wands completely fell apart and got all tangled up- bummer. But the kids didn’t let that stop them from having fun- yay for cheap plastic bubble wands that work!!! Even baby Gwendolyn was getting in on the action!

“With this wand I will RULE the WORLD!!! Mwahahaha”

After getting the kids cleaned up from a bubbly mess, it was time for our friends to go and for us to have some relaxing time…or do some MORE crafting! Sophia decided she wanted to finish her memory stone that she started to make on Monday. She did a fabulous job painting it all up…and of course we HAD to add glitter and gems!

But why stop there??? It’s flag making time!!! Sarah had left her the makings of a foam American flag- perfect for her United States of America book that she is making! Hooray for the red, white and blue! Happy and tired she shows off her wares.

After some more bubble blowing, a trip to Starbucks for momma’s little bit of heaven, dinner, a game of Pretty Pretty Princess and another of Sorry, it was time for bed! It was a packed day full of fun and friends-perfect!


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Whaz UP 4 this week—June 27-July 1

I certainly haven’t done very well keeping posts going on what we’re up to. I’ve got so much I want to share but we’ve been busy, busy, busy. I’m hoping to start getting some of the catch up posts up this week to read. We’ve had oodles of fun the past two weeks since schools been out that I can’t wait to share with you! Until then, here’s a little something to wet your appetite and to see what we have coming up this week!

This week I only have Sophia for 4 days so it will be a short week, but FULL of creativity!!!

  1. Tinker Bell fairy stepping stone from a kit.
  2. Put together and paint our ‘build a fort kit.’
  3. Make HUGE bubble making wands with our friends.
  4. Sew a stuffed animal from Sophia’s drawing using our t-shirt stash for material

On top of all that we’ll throw in

  • finishing cutting material for her doll house ‘carpet’
  • making some homemade cards for friends
  • making homemade lemonade and popsicles
  • and lots of coloring.

I could add anyone of these as our craft/activity for the day but we just have so much to do that sometimes we have to add extras in for the week! Summer is way too short!

I have a few crafty projects that I’m personally working on this week.

  • finishing father’s day quilt for hubby (we celebrated yesterday but I didn’t get the binding on in time…he still LOVED it, of course and Sophia can’t wait to cuddle with it!)
  • finish gifts for the homemade gift exchange that I’m doing (I can’t wait to share the fun things that I’m making for my new crafting friend…but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for her! I’ll post pics after she gets her package next week!)
  • Make a magnetic meal board to help me plan out family meals and my Weight Watchers points all in one! I’ve got some ideas on how I’m going to do this just need to implement it…can’t wait to share what I come up with!

Alright, well that’s our up coming week in a nutshell. Stay tuned for updates in the days to come…plus a surprise announcement of a new challenge that I’m doing for myself…and anyone else crazy enough to join me!!!

Have a grooving great week,


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Day 1 Summer Heaven 2011

Ahhh…nothing the first day of summer vacation to kick back and relax…oh yeah, almost forgot, I’m a mom now. Summer vacation for moms isn’t overly relaxing…lots of energetic kid energy to harness, keep up with, and redirect!! ha ha

Sophia picking out her t-shirt for her new summer bag.

To start out our summer vacation activity extravaganza I decided that we needed bags for all our summer fun actvities. You know- swimming, camps, library, friends’ houses, playdates- lots going on in these ‘relaxing’ summer days! After much debate on what kind of bags to make I decided to go the easy way which also happened to be in keeping with the 3Rs- recycle, reuse, reduce….we made the bags out of old t-shirts! I had bought a BUNCH of t’s from the thrift store over a year ago to make really fabulous diapers out of for Baby G and then decided, after making one, that I didn’t care for using t-shirt dipes. Loved the way they looked- not so much the way they functioned. So alas, I was left with oodles of’ t’s…and now we had a use for a few of them! I used the pattern from the book Generation T beyond fashion by Megan Nicolay. I love many of the ideas in this book! The instructions were VERY clear and easy to follow- even Sophia was able to follow along using all of the awesome illustrations. I can’t wait to make some more projects out of here…and since I have LOTS more t-shirts you can bet we’ll be tackle some this summer!

Sophia getting to cut her own bag out. Like her new ‘hat’? She fashioned this all by herself from the sleeve! She’s a fashionista alright!

Sophia was so excited to get to cut her own project…and I was excited that I could give up my perfectionism for a few minutes and stand back while she butchered, um I mean, cut her bag out. All in all she did a great job and I’ve since recovered from it not being a clean cut- whew, it was hard not to go back and recut it but she was so PROUD of herself for doing all alone! And it looks fabulous!

“Come on mom, let’s go shopping- I’ve got my new bag ready to go!”  (Yuppers, that’s a PILE of toys in the background! We can either craft or do housework but not both! LOL

After finishing hers and realizing how easy they were I went on to make one for Baby G and for myself…and now I need to make one for Prince Frog Hubby because Sophia is very concerned that Papa doesn’t have a summer bag for all of his stuff!

Showing off Baby G’s new bag. Go Gators!!!

And when you’re done using your bags for all your summertime activities you can reuse it as a Halloween costume!!!

“Booooooo….I’m a scary ghoooooosssssttttt…are you scared mom? I’m scary!!!”

Thank goodness Baby G woke up from her nap…I needed the help to clean up the extra t-shirts!

Baby G helping me clean up the t-shirts- for every one that I put away she pulls two out and throws them on the floor! 

Welcome to our Summer Heaven 2011! Day 1 was a success…stay tuned, we’ve lots more to come!!!


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Day 7 of 30 Days of Creativity

Invitation for our upcoming ice cream party

Today I spent way too much time making an invitation on the computer for our Summer’s Here Ice Cream Party that we are having on Monday afternoon to celebrate school being out. Sophia’s inviting all of her school friends over to enjoy Sophia’s Ice Cream Parlor. We’re going to have lots of ice cream and toppings and the kids get as many toppings and as much ice cream as they want!!! Woo hoo! It’s good to be a kid!

This ‘creation’ I like to call ‘Watching Elmo is Really Exhausting!’

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Day 6 of 30 Days of Creativity

Making up for lost time today. Didn’t do a huge amount but did get a couple of things done. I was finally able to finish a project that I had told Sophia I would do for her about two months ago- bad mom for taking so long! Tired of finding her head bands, barrettes and miscellaneous hair stuff laying all over the place I was THRILLED when I came across this project on line a couple months ago. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the link I first saw it on so I can’t give credit 😦


Sophia’s new headband holder

It was super easy to make- an oatmeal container, some cardstock, and a hot glue gun. I added some flowers and gems at the end for a little extra pizzaz- well worth it judging from Sophia’s response! Yeah- victory is mine!!!! I think if I were to do this again I would use mod podge or a different type of glue. The hot glue doesn’t seem like it’s going to hold up well, but we’ll see….and it’s done for now. Sometimes that just needs to be good enough!

Sophia and I spent some time today working on Papa’s quilt for father’s day. 4 more squares done! Progress is slow but steady. I think that there’s a good chance I’ll be able to get the whole thing sewn in time!!! Wish me luck!

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Day 5 of 30 Days of Creativity

Happy days together

Today, Sunday, was another non-creative day. We had so much family stuff going on that I didn’t have any creative time. Lots of fun, games, cleaning, and some veg-ing in front of the TV while baby slept on my chest. That was about it. I did try to get a project done but guess I wasn’t meant to as I couldn’t find the supplies that I needed…and believe it or not my craft room is actually clean and organized right now! Just wasn’t meant to happen today apparently.

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Day 4 of 30 Days of Creativity

Kylee and I at Caleb’s Cure. Her mom organizes Cradle to College, an awesome consignment event in Central Florida.

I love it when my creativity can help to benefit someone else…even better when it’s a little one. For Day 4, Saturday, I had the honor of being part of an amazing community event to help Caleb, a 7 year old boy, who was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, also known as DMD.  To read more click here.  I face painted during the event and donated all the money that I made to Caleb’s Cure. It wasn’t much, but I was thrilled to be able to help a little side by side with so many others.

Cat girl ‘grrrrrrrrr’

It was so overwhelming to see all the people who came out in support of Caleb and his family. When we come together in support of one another there is nothing that we can’t accomplish!

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Day 3 of 30 Days of Creativity

Well this post will be nice, sweet and to the point. I didn’t really do anything creative today…unless I can count cleaning out some of the kid’s crafting supplies- throwing a few things away, giving others to the thrift store and reorganizing what was left. 2 boxes down…way too many left to go!

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Day 2 of 30 Days of Creativity

Papa Chuck’s fabrics for his Father’s Day Quilt…and picture blocks from yesterday’s endeavors.

We sure had fun creating some goodness today! Sophia’s forever friend has been staying with us so she helped out with Papa Chuck’s SURPRISE quilt (remember, if you know him please don’t tell!!! And he knows not to read my blog…he enjoys being happily married! LOL) So on to today’s creative fun.

Just like yesterday I had Sophia color muslin blocks for Papa Chuck’s Father’s Day quilt- there will be 18 hand colored blocks total. So today Sophia and Isa each got one block to make a heart on. When they felt they were finished then they swapped blocks so the other person could add to it. Alright, well, if you know 6 year olds it will be no surprise that this may not have been my brightest idea! But after some dramatic outbursts about creative integrity and how person B was going to RUIN what person A had created they settled in and actually had fun.

Little Divas working in harmony on each other’s block.

I let them figure out how to work it out and they decided that whoever had done the original artwork could be the artistic director and boss tell the other what to do. Surprisingly, it worked out well! Who would have thunk it?!

Future Art Director of America Isa telling Sophia how she should color the block.

We now have 4 finished blocks and only 14 more to go…I may need to find a way to get Sophia to do a few more in a day so I have time to sew. Any idea how to herd cats? convince a 6 year old to do something you want her to? Anyone?

*sound of crickets heard loud and clear*

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